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Golf Outing

We are getting ready for our annual Golf Outing event this Friday on October 2nd! Roger and Rochelle Harbison and Mike and Melissa DeLuca host this event every year. Not only have both of these couples blessed us with their amazing children as staff for a few summers, but they also represent a long standing relationship with one of our favorite churches to do home repair missions trips with, Edwardsville UMC. The Golf Scamble is always one of our biggest highlights and we are so excited to be a part of it again! We have had many individuals sign up to sponsor the event or play in the golf scramble and we are looking forward to a great turnout this year! The event will include lunch, door prizes, contests, and an 18 hole scramble with a golf cart. In closing, we will have an awards ceremony with dessert! We are so blessed to have the proceeds of this event go to our ministry. A huge shoutout to the Harbisons and DeLucas for putting this on!


Adventure Club

At the beginning of this month we kicked off Adventure Club for the fall season! We are so excited to be able to host and facilitate Adventure Club again this year. As you can imagine, covid circumstances have definitely been a challenge for our ministry. As a result, we have planned our limited fall programming out carefully and incorporated many safety precautions. We have split Adventure Club participants into two groups of 6 kids with 2 adults facilitating each group. Masks and social distancing is maintained as much as possible along with a Covid screening check-in at the beginning of club each week.

The kids have learned so much already! For their first week they practiced building safe fires. They learned the different types of wood needed and the right techniques required to keep a fire going. Then, they got to go out and collect fuel from our camp property and build their own fires! The next week they learned how to cook over portable gas stoves and practiced setting them up all by themselves. They also learned about collecting stream water and how to purify it correctly. At their last Adventure Club meeting, they learned about shelters and how to set up a tent and Noah's tarp. Next, they will do a “Do It Yourself” campout with their family on their own! In a non-Covid year we would take them on a camping trip in the Red River Gorge, however, in keeping with covid protocols, we have instead decided to provide them with the supplies to do their own campout with their families. We can not wait to hear how the students share all the skills they have been learning with their families.


Day Adventures

We have had the opportunity to lead many day adventures for local groups this fall! This has been another facet of our ministry that we have been blessed to be able to continue. This month alone we have had groups from Leadership Jessamine County, Great Commission Fellowship in Wilmore, and First Christian Church of Versailles join us for day adventures!

We have been privileged to have worked with the elementary kids from First Christian Church in Versailles on past trips. This time around, we got to take their youth group on a canoe outing. For many of the kids this was their first time canoeing and they had a blast! For Leadership Jessamine County we hosted an afternoon of team building activities for the new class as they learn more about themselves and how to work with one another. There was a great deal of discussion on how to trust others and communicate well, especially in a more difficult year due to less in-person meetings.

If you are interested in a Day Adventure with your friends, family, class, church group, or sports team, check out the link below! We will cater the day to your preferences and ensure covid protocols for optimal safety. Adventure activity options include canoeing, rock climbing, caving, service, or team building. Whether your goal is to create a more unified team, get to know your group better, integrate new members, or to have some fun together after an extended time apart, we will provide programming to meet your needs including icebreakers, problem-solving, group initiatives and/or devotionals!


Mary Miller Class

Early last week, AdventureServe board member and environmental specialist Mary Miller taught a class on water purification to an Environmental Studies class from Wilmore Crossing Academy. The Academy is located a short walk away from ASM campgrounds in Wilmore! Jerri Hemenover, mother of an AdventureServe staffer, is the Assistant Director and teaches electives at the school, including the Environmental Studies class. This class is an enhanced elective that meets twice a week for 6th to 12th graders. The enhanced elective courses offer the space to create an extended time of hands-on, sustainability-focused learning. In their first 3 weeks of class, they focused on learning about our local watershed. Next, they will be learning about their carbon footprint. Coming up in October, they will help Mary Miller plant some saplings on ASM campgrounds! We are so grateful for their support in preserving the nature on our property. 

Mary Miller has contributed greatly to our ministry by serving on our AdventureServe board and assisting with our camp's natural environment. She has connected us with many resources and helped maintain our stream and camp grounds for healthy environmental improvements which have been very beneficial to the environment! She has also been a great educator for different groups that have come to volunteer on camp, or learn more about the environment, such as the class from Wilmore Crossing Academy. You will often see Mary on camp with a garden tool in hand and her small dog, Sassafras, by her side as she works on our campgrounds. We are so grateful for your time and service Mary Miller!


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